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The Future Of Sports Broadcasting

The Future Of Sports Broadcasting

On Saturday, 10 October 2009, a ground breaking event will take place in the world of football and internet broadcasting. Ukraine will play host to England in a FIFA world cup football qualifier, a match that signals the first but certainly not the last time that a sporting event of such prestige is to be broadcast via internet only.

A particular set of circumstances has led to this event coming to be available over the web only. As it were, Setanta, the Irish TV broadcaster who in 2009 declared bankruptcy, originally owned the broadcast rights to the game. With Setanta’s demise, the Ukrainian football association were unable to find an alternative broadcaster willing to purchase the TV broadcast rights. Therefore, taking an alternative route to monetize the game, they have decided to make it available over the net.

So what does this mean for televised sport in general? For one thing, this could very well signal the beginning of a new trend in the arena of sporting event rights: the internet only broadcast. Can an internet broadcaster go it alone and utilise a medium where viewers are still accustomed to accessing content for free? By the advance sale of viewing spots for this game , the answer is a resounding yes.

And if this event were to pass off without a hitch, it will lay the foundation for a plethora of events to follow. Of course television rights inject cash into a huge number of sporting competitions, but what is happening in today’s digital age is that more and more non official viewing links are appearing on the internet. If internet broadcast streams were to be made official and monetized, then revenue can remain within the sporting circles, thereby sustaining it.

Internet broadcasts are not yet mature enough to replace TV broadcasts, and not by a long shot. Various issues such as bandwidth availability, advertising and educating users in web technology are influencing factors. However, one can envisage that if broadcasters were to offer reliable and affordable pay per view services in the same way that iTunes has legalised a large portion of music downloads, then it is a good bet that we will see more and more events, which are normally associated with TV, embracing the internet and the fast growing online demographic.

Fifpro believes Fifa prioritises TV companies over players

Fifpro believes Fifa prioritises TV companies over players

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England will meet Italy in their opening World Cup match,

is likely to cause the biggest problems in terms of humidity, where temperatures can reach well in excess of 30C.

Four games will be played in the city specially constructed Arena da Amazonia stadium during the tournament.

The southern cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte are predicted to have more comfortable temperatures (mid 20s) for much of the tournament.

The statement added: “Fifpro the voice of all players worldwide urges Fifa once again to consider the health and safety of the players during the 2014 World Cup as the number one priority.

“Fifa has stated to stick to the original time schedule, thus giving the players the impression that the world governing football body considers the demands of TV companies of greater importance than the health and safety of the players.”

Fifa says additional cooling breaks will be granted after the 30th minute of the first and second halves of the game if temperatures exceed the Web Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) an index used for the assessment of heat stress of 32C.

But Fifpro added: “We welcome the fact that Fifa admits that measures need to be put in place to guarantee the players health.

“But the World Footballers Association is of the opinion that the aforementioned additional cooling breaks are insufficient.

“Fifpro advises FIFA to allow additional cooling breaks at a lower WBGT, namely from 27C.

“Guidelines from the highly respected American College of Sports and Medicine, indicate that all continuous activity and competition activities must be cancelled at the WBGT level that exceeds 27C.”

“Players will be subjected to unreasonable health risks if no additional measures are taken by Fifa while their performances might be significantly impaired. Read more.

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