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US Women’s striker elected FIFA 16 game Cover

FIFA 16 coincides with the Women’s World Cup will soon be on sale soon ended, successfully won the World Cup champion United States women’s football will naturally become “FIFA 16” North American version of the popular cover. Sure, big beautiful & US Women’s striker Alex – Morgan became the Macy man around.

Sports has always been patriarchal in circles, “FIFA 16” using female player on the cover is the first time, absolutely no arrivals before. In this regard, Morgan also appeared to be quite happy:. “For me, this is a great honor to me very clearly within the scope of the game by the players around the world are welcome to become” FIFA 16 “on the cover definitely makes the world more Learn more attention to women’s football. ”

In addition to the US version, the tournament’s host nation Canada also used as a regional version of the cover female players, she is the team captain and main striker Christian – Sinclair. While Canada at this event in the results and not the US team so bright, but for a country that has always been known football desert, the quarter-finals results are enough to make the people of Canada to celebrate one would.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to female players as a cover outside, “FIFA 16” is the series first introduced female football game. In this work, the player will be able to use the 12 Women’s National Team, namely Germany, the United States, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico. Slightly regret that, although the added women’s football team, but the game only between same sex, which means Men VS Women scenario will not appear in “FIFA 16” in.

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