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Fifa Ultimate Team 13 Trading Guide With The Best Methods

Fifa Ultimate Team 13 Trading Guide With The Best Methods

OverviewThere are numerous ways to trade in FIFA Ultimate Team (herein referred to as FUT), however some methods that are popular are now less effective due to the amount of people using them. An example of this is the 59th Minute trick which is now no longer a reliable means of trading as there is an extreme amount of competition to purchase the players. Because of events like this, I have decided to compile a list of the methods I use to trade in FUT13.

I use these methods on the XBOX version of FUT, prices will differ on PS3 and prices also will fluctuate on XBOX so the prices here may not always be accurate at the time of reading.

Method 1 Specified Card FlippingSpecified card flipping is formation specified player trading. For example, assuming that a 3 5 2 Mirallas striker costed 1,500 as the lowest buy it now (herein referred to as BIN) price, I would search and bid on all 3 5 2 Mirallas’ that a profit could be made on. Personally, when calculating buying prices I multiply the selling price by 0.9 which can also be said as 90% of that price. This allows for the 5% EA tax and a minimum of 5% profit. Using this statistic I can then search for them under that price, and I would bid up to 1,350 (90% of 1,500) coins on all of them that I could. I would then list them at 1,400 start price and 1,500 BIN with a guaranteed sale as it would be the lowest on the market.

Find the lowest BIN price in a specific formation.

Calculate your maximum price to pay (so you know you margins).

List them at the lowest BIN price on the market and net a profit.

Rinse and repeat.

Method 2: No Risk BiddingNo risk bidding is a risk free way to make small profits at a time. I recommend doing it throughout the day to supplement your other trading methods. What no risk bidding is about is buying players at their discard value (for non rare golds this is 300 350 coins, for rare golds this is 600 650 coins and for gold in forms it is between 9000 12000 and is worked out by multiplying the overall of the in form by 122). So once you know the quick sell value of the card is, try and buy the player at around that price (this only works for a few players as it is impossible to find most at discard value). Once you have won them on auction, list them for 100 coins more (for non in forms) and 500 1000 coins more (for in forms). They are likely to sell and if they don’t you can either list them again or discard them so you make a minimal loss (or even no loss). On occasions you can actually make a profit on discarding them!