Teach you how to use a tattoo to cover scars

1, How long have your scar?
Before using tattoos to cover scars, scars you have at least one year’s time, those new scars are still red or pink is not suitable for tattoos, if you insist on doing this scar tattoo, it would be a a very tattoo supplies painful thing, new scars on the tattoo very exclusion, therefore, on which to make a tattoo is a waste of time and money, so my advice is not to use a new tattoo to cover scars, to wait at least a year. The longer your scars, the more easy to cover with tattoos.
2 Consider the bitter flesh to withstand
Ask yourself, with tattoos covering scars in the end it is worthwhile, if you can afford the whole tattoo process? Because tattoos tattoo cover scars more pain than normal, because the scar tissue than your normal skin more sensitive and tattoo scars can not be well absorbed, in which case the tattoo artist will have to be in the same position more than a few lines to make the skin inked here, so it makes each one will be more pain than the tattoo.
3. Consulting physician
If you really want a tattoo to cover scars and tattoos can endure the pain throughout the process, the next step is to consult your doctor about the situation related. Because your doctor may know more, he or she will tell you the whole tattoo process involved in medical practices and will provide you with the best advice, he or she will tell you tattoo kits which one was in the other tattooists Patients who successfully made a scar covered, so you’ll know which best suited to your tattoo artist to do the tattoo covered, but if your doctor told you last medical reasons you can not do the tattoo covered, then you’d better think about it .
4. Consult your tattoo artist
If your doctor tells you to do the tattoo covered no problem, then the next step is to consult your tattoo artist. Because you have to determine the exact tattooists who know what they are doing, especially in the face of a particularly complex scars. Ask them to cover the scars have not done before, and if they did say that, then let them work out the tattoo guns related tattoos to show what many tattooists will have a scar on the front cover and back cover photos by watching their photos you can determine what their tattoos covering technology good or bad, and can also clearly see the difference between before and after the cover. If your scar is small, most of the tattooists can help you easily swap with tattoos to cover, but if the scar is large, and has raised has come, then that will do the tattoos covering problem, then you find a wealth of relevant experience to do the tattoo artist.
5 How much of your scars?
If you are able to absorb the tattoo scars, then you’d better choose the kind of tattoo designs seem a small point, first tattoo start something small, together with the tattoo artist to be able to verify whether the tattoo before watching out this tattoo is appropriate. If your skin is able to color, then you can put this small little tattoo designs make tattoo equipment great tattoo designs, tattoo or use a big point to cover scars, skin grafting done or if you have a large area of ​​skin Burns, then your skin may not be colored, so I recommend that you use a small tattoo to test before you look at the bigger area of ​​skin tattoos.
6 There are no side effects?
Due to the different scar tissue, resulting in different degrees inking your scars, which means secant and skin color will not be as good as clear and sharp, raised scar tattoo does not change the structure of the skin, so the tattoo there is a significant difference on. This anomaly may have a bad tattoo effect, resulting in the end you will feel satisfied. A professional tattoo artist will explain to you these negative effects.
7 Finally, select tattoo designs
The final step is to select tattoo designs to choose scars that can completely cover the pattern, or at least can be modified scar patterns, you can come to some kind of tattoo to cover the scar color to achieve the effect, you can also tattoo shapes, patterns and location to better hide your scars.

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