The FIFA World Cup 2010 Tournament

The FIFA World Cup 2010 Tournament

During the kick off celebration, you will witness international and African artist performances highlighting the best of African culture. You will expect a full African themed celebration concert on June 10, 2010. Major preparations are already being done to make this event an impressive African accented ceremony highlighting its deep tradition and heritage in the arts. The Republic of South Africa will present Zakumi as the official mascot for the FIFA World Cup 2010. You will still see major sponsors playing an important contribution in the events. These sponsors include McDonalds, Budweiser, Continental, Castrol, MTN, and Satyam. The partners include Adidas, Visa, Emirates, Hyundai, Sony, and Coca Cola. As a normal practice, the use of the words ‘official sponsor’, ‘product/service’, ‘official supplier’, ‘partner’, and ‘licensee’ as used in the FIFA World Cup will only be exclusively used for the official partners.

The FIFA World Cup 2010 will leave a legacy that will not only be felt within the whole of South Africa but across the continent because of the many improvements and economic boosts that it will generate for Africa. The level of infrastructure investments and developments are unprecedented and will create a major impact to the country’s future.

All athletes and fans will enjoy what the government of South Africa has prepared. The level of energy, commitment and display of skills will be displayed during the events but the level of appreciation for African culture and heritage is expected to increase. The best of South African practices and traditions, attractions, with warm and friendly people hosting the event will make tourists’ stay memorable. The excitement will not just be attached to watching the games. It will also come from the amazing tourist destinations that the country has prepared for this rare FIFA World Cup hosting opportunity.

The coming FIFA World Cup will again bring a lot of energy and excitement to the 32 competing teams. All of the athletes are aggressively preparing for the competitions and are eagerly waiting for the moment to step on the South African ground and grab the most coveted title to be the 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion. It will surely be a great experience for all the athletes whether they go home as winners or not. These 32 teams are already winners. However, the final moment of getting the title of being the FIFA World Cup 2010 Champion is what everybody will be fighting for.

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