Wenger: 3 Points! Arsenal Have Been Holding The Initiative

This is perhaps the most Wenger coaching career as a triumph of lucky. On the night of 65 years old birthday, the French coach finally avoided repeat after thousands of field Memorial killed embarrassment, saw the team at the last moment difficult grabbed 3 points.You might like to purchase fifa 15 coins ,and after this you can buy fifa 15 coins with our online store that offers the lowest price.After the game, Wenger insists the team play can feel a sense of relief, for the scene has, without excessive interpretation.Wenger in court has been looking grim……

Wenger said: “in the first half we controlled the tempo of the game, for the other’s back, we also deal with well. But in the second half, we slightly open, also on the defensive as cautious before, so grab.””The decision of the game results point, when we are 0 to 1 behind, Andre Hurt failed to grasp the opportunity in the second goal, thus killing the game. We constantly strive to, trying to reverse the situation, the last round two goals to win.Andre Hurt was a great performance tonight, you can see that in recent years a lot of talent of belgium.”

In talking about the meaning, Wenger said: “this victory for our very key, we now are in a relatively dominant position. At present, Galatasaray only 1 points, 9 points in Dortmund, US 6 points. Next, as long as we take the remaining home games, we would be able to win.”When asked whether Arsenal play and frustrated, Wenger said: “feel depressed or frustrated is part of my job, but fight to the last second very important. Based on past experience, we know the Champions League last 5 minute goal rate is very high, today we are using this point.

We hope that all the wounded soldiers to play, but today is certainly not the case.You may want to purchase fifa 15 coins ,and now you can http://www.xpup.com buy fifa 15 coins at our online store with the lowest price.”Saturday (with Hu Ercheng) of the game, all of us are frustrated by the result, this victory is a best response. Now their initiative in our own hands, of course, Dortmund is an excellent opponent, but you can’t predict the future. Let’s try to qualify, then consider how far to go in the Champions league.”Although we have good performance, but this defeat to Juventus is still too should not.” Tevez talked about the team spirit: “we must understand, oneself did not come here to lose.

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