Wenger says Fifa World Cup bidding process is from ‘Middle Ages’

Wenger says Fifa World Cup bidding process is from ‘Middle Ages’

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Fifa’s bidding process to something from the “Middleunderstand,” The Telegraph telegraph, term originally applied to any device or system for distant communication by means of visible or audible signals, now commonly restricted to electrically operated devices. Attempts at long distance communication date back thousands of years (see signaling). quoted Wenger, as saying.

“The way to decide looked to me, in fairness, a little bit

from the Middle Ages. It doesn’t look right in modern life that

people have to go over there and lobby and say, ‘please believe in

us’. Frankly, it looks a little bit that you have to flatter them

to get the World Cup,” he

“I don’t think that is right. You would like to have much

more technical than human criteria. It is difficult to explain to people

that the technical bid of England was perfect but you get only two

votes. That is not rational,” Wenger

Wenger wants the current bidding system This article concerns Contract Bridge and uses terminology associated with the game. See Contract bridge glossary for an explanation of unfamiliar words or phrases. A Bidding system reformed so that each

country is assessed against a set of clearly defined criteria.

“You could imagine that you have 100 criteria with different

weights and you put it in a computer and the best comes out,” he”The fact that a country has never hosted the World Cup before

could be one of the criteria but that cannot be the only one that is

taken into consideration,” he added. It covers virtually all of South Asia since its foundation and presently claims, on its official website, to be the leading South Asia wide news agency. (ANI) All Rights

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