What is the Difference Between FIFA the World Cup

What is the Difference Between FIFA the World Cup

FIFA floundered briefly during the first and second World Wars, but since the end of WWII, FIFA has managed to encircle the world with its influence over the global game. Eventually the organization subdivided the world into six confederations of nations. Teams in these confederations compete with each other to win a place in larger tournaments that pit teams from the different confederations against one another. FIFA recognizes the men’s national teams of 208 nations as well as the women’s national teams of 129 nations.

The World Cup is perhaps second only to the Olympics when it comes to truly global sporting events. World Cup finals take place every four years, pitting 32 teams against each other in a month long tournament. Qualification for the final takes place in the ensuing years. The 32 teams that manage to qualify for the final will make the journey to the host country and compete before the eyes and television cameras of the world. The tournament begins with a group stage, followed by a knockout stage. Groups that make it through the knockout stage head into the semifinals, followed by the quarterfinals. Eventually two teams reach the World Cup final. One is crowned the winner and effectively the global champions of the sport of soccer.

The F Internationale de Football Association or International Federation of Association Football, aka FIFA, is the international governing organization of .

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