Wind in the pursuit of “World of Warcraft” version 7.3 version of the wind monk PVP entry Raiders

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Temperance monk is currently in the arena in the position is very general, but the impressive batter outbreak so that he can have a specific career to play their own rhythm to play. Here we are on the “World of Warcraft” 7.3 Arena of some of the entry knowledge for everyone to introduce how to play a good wind, I hope you like.
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Grade talent
  1, Tigers eye, novice recommended passive, and 3V3 white tiger flow does not need to really wave to maintain the number of combo layer.

  2, as fast as the tiger, the solution of the ice circle or to the teammates urgent fire chase people, are the best skills.

  3, the novice honestly with thousands of co-ordination, Hao to wine you are fully grasp the rhythm and even come back to see with

  4, sweeping the legs, even strokes out of essential, large control outbreak signs. 33 out of the ring looking at the United States, but only the defense did not attack,

  5, gold sore medicine generic, legal system can be out of the magic power, but there are pain warlocks do not point, or easy to be deadly death, body is not bad in the double kitchen knife miraculous.

  5, leveling, less group control occupation (Master, pastor) can choose under the white tiger, but the standard is still combo, especially the need to kill the batter hit BUFF stack damage.

  6, breathtaking breath, in terms of breathtaking breath is another sign of the outbreak of the wind, but also for the novice, it does not require resources to play the skills of the characteristics of the fault tolerance is also higher, Sheng Long Pa Although AOE to force but too More suitable for individual circumstances.

Honor talent
  1, Gladiator Medal, because the monk hit the outbreak, especially in the time of mind and avatar, no chapter may be the outbreak of this wave was demolished.

  2, strengthen the armor, more blood to bring more fault-tolerant, more blood also brought more karma injury. Opposite the case of double melee can give priority to the fight.

  3, no shadow step, 22 need to play with the slowdown with the mountain to play cattle. Double DPS, or 33 situation can be point Yu Long’s gift with the wind and the line

  4, strong bile wine, the current version of Zen has been repaired to no meaning. Brains do not die and then open, 50% of the amount of blood or after the outbreak of the opposite can be changed for the opening.

  5, separated by the mountain cattle, with no shadow step; or Yu Long’s gift with the wind and the line.

  6, heavy attack, the outbreak of essential control skills.
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